Galileoscope’s Little Helper

Galileoscope’s Little Helper

According to the Galileoscope web site, “Many customers have asked if they can use a star diagonal with the Galileoscope. (That’s a common accessory that goes between the telescope and eyepiece and enables you to avoid having to crane your neck when observing celestial objects high overhead.) The Galileoscope is designed for straight-through viewing. There’s not enough “in focus” to permit the use of most star diagonals; we haven’t tested them all, but we haven’t found one yet that works.”

Apparently, the folks at Learning Encounters took that as a challenge and responded with their Diagonal Kit designed to “Expand the Capabilities of your SkyViewer or Galileoscope.”

Like the Galileoscope, this is a kit that you put together yourself. It comes with a great instruction sheet which is printed on glossy paper. Along with the do-it-yourself guide is the note that “you will need to take your SkyViewer or Galileoscope apart . . .”

Whoa . . . wait . . . and where, exactly am I supposed to have kept the sheet on how to put it back together? Never mind. Turns out the directions cover that.

The kit is well designed, and simple enough for anybody who has already assembled the Galileoscope. We’re looking forward to the project and will report back on our success.


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