Best Regards to Mars

Best Regards to Mars

Best Regards to Mars – an acrylic painting on canvas  32″ X 20″  [unframed] available for purchase

This painting explores the imagining of lightspeed travel and what that might look like, conjuring images of crossing a universe with ease. I try to attract the viewers’ eyes with the dynamic motion paired with the smooth lines. This very versatile image allows display hanging in either direction, offering two visual choices in one.

I invite you to hypothesize the visualities, completing the circuit which begins with the creative artist and climaxes with the appreciator.





Mykl Hauer
In the vastness of space, at a time before time the twinkle of imagination sparked, I began...a part of everything and everything was me. Space... the grandeur, the limitless possibilities, conjures visions and ideas that influence these acrylic paintings. Central Ohio born and raised, self-taught acrylic painter who now resides in Portland, Oregon.

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