Cyd Athens

Cyd Athens, a longtime resident of 45ø 29 30.65 N, 122ø 35 30.91 W, is a speculative fiction enthusiast. My passions involve such extraterrestrial ambitions as hyperspace jumps, intergalactic relationships, and studying alien stars. I write the kinds of speculative fiction I like to read—gritty tales of life beyond the Milky Way. My stories are filled with aliens who face intrigue, transgalactic travel, and the occasional palm-sized weapon that has the power to end everything.

As an editor, I bring a unique blend of “been there, done that” and crafty application of ideas, direction, and the fine weaving of story threads to enhance and polish the author’s journey.  I’m another set of eyes, an objective look to ensure the journey is seamlessly woven with a story teller’s skill. I can help you put the right spin on your words so that the story, and not your meaning, remains speculative.

I am an affiliate member of SFWA, a reviewer for science fiction, and an associate editor of a science fiction humor anthology.